Martec Inc.

Our Products

Leading the industry in Engineered Industrial Products!

All Metal Designs - Adjustable Height Workstations and Tables

Operator Adjustable and Fixed Height Workbenches, Tables and Customized Workcenters, Accessories, Totes, Stands, Carts, Industrial Seating and Matting.

Hubbell Workplace Solutions - Tool and Worksite Management

Tool Rails, Balancers, Torque Reels, Retrievers, Swing Arms, Torque Arms, Jibs, Booms, Bridges, Rolling and Structural Rails, Workstations and Lighting Kits, Cable and Hose Reels, Carriers and Festoons, Welding and Grounding Reels, Limit Switches, Data Control Workstands, Workstations and Computer Enclosures.

Qualtech - Worksite Management

Data Control Workstands, Workstations, and Computer Enclosures.

GCI Engineered Solutions - Manipulators and Anti Torque Arms

Manipulators, Custom End Effectors, Straight and Articulated Jibs, Torque Arms, SmartArm (error proofing), Carbon Fiber Torque Arms, Torque Tubes, Anti-Torque Automation Systems, Tool Balancers, Air Hoists, Vacuum and Gripper Pickups, Roll and Drum Handlers, Custom Multi-Position Assembly Carts, Work Positioners, and Lifting / Assembly Equipment. Field specialists to service and maintain our equipment.

Gleason Reel - Cable and Hose Management

Heavy Duty Spring, Air, Motor Driven, Electric, Liquid, O/A, Welding and Custom Reels. Slip Rings. Steel, Nylon, and Plastic Powertrak. C-Rail and I Beam Festoons.

Hubbell Industrial Controls

Euclid Pushbuttons, AC-DC Motor Controllers, Magnet Controllers, Motion and Temperature Sensors, Control Accessories, Resistors, FEMCO Radio Controls and Communications, LEXINGTON Fire Pump Controllers, Power Transfer Switches.

SES Casters - Manufacturers and Distributors of Casters and Wheels

We would like to introduce to you Stanley E. Smith Casters. SES Casters has been in the business of building casters for the past 35 years. This has allowed us to build high quality casters at very good prices. If you use casters for carts, racks, fixtures, and special mobile requirements or on your OEM products we can supply to you casters that will fit your needs.